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by Anton Doerig

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Leadership. Safe & Secure. deals with self-management in combination with safety & security. The author encourages you, the reader, to reflect on and question your behavior in self-, employee- and company management. He combines this with the challenges of holistic Safety & Security and Emergency & Crisis Management as no one has done before. It is not always easy to be honest with yourself and those around you, but it is essential for a secure and sustainable success. A success that that you deserve, both privately and professionally!

Life is a journey in which you have many unique – sometimes difficult - experiences. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Nothing is certain, not now and not in the future. Through his many experiences both in private and business environments, Anton Doerig is an expert in leadership and security, and in this groundbreaking book he shares his experiences with you.  

Leadership. Safe & Secure. by Anton Doerig

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Accolades for Leadership. Safe & Secure:  

“Anton Doerig’s book on 'Leadership' is a great guide on how to move from academic leadership theories to a successful and practical implementation process. His approach away from theoretical towards exemplary and visionary leadership is worth reading.” - Dr. Richard WERNER EMBA; General Manager Risk Control RCC Ltd., Europe and President of the Non-Profit-Organisation Private Group PnCG, Switzerland  

“Very authentic, credible, down-to earth and, yes, in parts provoking. Anyone who reads this will get something useful, positive, and perhaps even enlightening out of it.” - Rosi Milligan-Taweel, CEO / Owner MANDUSA kommunikationsmedium (Communications Agency and Learning Center), former Airport Security Executive and Intelligence Officer, Germany  

“Leadership. Safe and Secure. is an almost perfect book, full of stories, insights, experiences and lessons that will be applicable to anyone involved in any aspect of security and risk management – or in fact, management in any form.” - Dr. David Rubens, D.SyRM, CSyP, F.ISRM; Executive Director at The Institute of Strategic Risk Management, UK  

“Good leaders are not afraid to admit their mistakes and learn from them. Anyone who reads this book will find value in the authors words of wisdom, anecdotes, and stories. I highly recommend it!” - Marilyn Hollier, CPP, CHPA; Consultant at Security Risk Management Consultants, Past President of the International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS), USA  

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